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Information for Parents

Welcome to Heritage’s online Parent Orientation 2020. Thank you for taking the time to visit this page to learn some important information about Heritage and hear encouraging words as you prepare to support your son or daughter in this new chapter of their lives.

On this page, you will find video messages from Heritage staff and faculty that will provide you helpful information about life at Heritage. As well, you will find a Frequently Asked Questions section for parents to review and a helpful contact list for you and your students to know.

Begin your online Parent Orientation experience by watching these videos and discovering more about Heritage.

Parent Orientation 2020

The 5 Key Themes of the Heritage Experience: Dr. Rick Reed, President of Heritage College & Seminary

An Encouraging Message from Chuck Schoenmaker, Vice President of Student Life & Enrolment at Heritage College & Seminary

Academic Life at Heritage: Dr. J. Stephen Yuille, Vice President of Academics at Heritage College & Seminary

Learn More about the Registrar’s Office: Theresa Beach, Registrar at Heritage College & Seminary

A Message from the Finance Office: David Kiff, Director of Finance at Heritage College & Seminary

A Personal Message to Parents from Drs. Rick and Linda Reed

Frequently Asked Questions for Heritage Parents

How should our students make payments?

Payment can be made by:

Are there tuition fee payment deferral options (payment plans)?

Heritage offers several options for students who are unable to pay their fees by the payment due date.  Tuition Fee Payment Deferrals are considered a privilege not a right and are extended to those in good financial standing with Heritage.  If a student has been permitted a deferral in the past and has not adhered to the agreed upon payment schedule, a subsequent deferral will be denied.  Specific payment dates will be arranged on a case by case basis.

Students who miss one or more scheduled payments will be subject to late payment fees.

A student, who is unable to pay their account balance, or make significant progress in reducing their account balance at the end of each semester, will be subject to review by the Director of Finance, in consultation with the Deans, which could result in suspension from school until such a time as they are able to clear their account balance and demonstrate their ability to pay future semester’s tuition.  Payment agreements carry a $45 set up fee with the exception of Plan 1.  The basic structure of the available payment agreements are as follows:


Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
30-Sep-20 100% 50% 33% 25%
31-Oct-20 50% 33% 25%
30-Nov-20 33% 25%
21-Dec-20 25%


How do we find out more about our student’s OSAP application?

The most up to date information is always available on a student’s OSAP account. If they are in an “awaiting enrollment confirmation position” this is the ideal situation.  Enrollment cannot be confirmed by Heritage until students sign paperwork with the OSAP office. Paperwork MUST be signed by September 11th. All new students MUST meet virtually with the OSAP officer and show photo ID. Once enrolment has been confirmed funds will be released to the student/school in 5-7 business days.  Please note OSAP distributes the funds on a 60/40 basis.  60% of the student’s funding will be released to them in the fall semester; the remaining 40% will be released in the winter semester.  More detailed information regarding funding release is available to students on the myHeritage newsfeed.

I require an Enrollment Verification Letter to release RESP funds; how do I go about getting one?

Students are able to access an Enrollment Verification Letter via their myHeritage student profile. They should click on their “student” tab, and there they will find a link called “Print Enrollment Verification”. This link will produce an individualized enrollment verification in PDF, which they can choose to print or email.

Who oversees the Residences?

Dane and Katie Allen are the Residence Directors (RDs) and live in Residence.  They lead the team of student Residence Assistants (RAs) and are available outside of regular office hours, should any emergency situation arise in the dorms.

What is an “RA”?

A Residence Assistant is an upper-class student who has been selected for the role based on maturity in faith and leadership abilities.  This semester each RA will oversee 5 students and are available to provide practical assistance, emotional support, and spiritual guidance.  The RA leads these students in a weekly “Impact Group” – a small group Bible study time for building community, accountability, and fellowship.  RAs are on-call after regular office hours in case of emergencies.  They report to the Residence Directors.

How does security work in the Residences?

The Residence buildings are always locked. Student swipe cards unlock the main entrance to the appropriate Residence (i.e. a male student’s card will only open the male Residence door).  When a student enters dorm using a swipe card, the student’s name and the time are logged. Each building is equipped with an intercom system that allows students to buzz other students into dorm. Students and visitors may also enter dorm using the intercom system.  This system requires someone in the Residence verbally confirming the identity of the person entering and opening the door for him/her. As an added level of security, there are cameras monitoring activity on outside entrances.

Do students have a curfew?

First year students have a curfew of 1:00 am for the first few weeks of the first semester (ending at Thanksgiving).

My student has been placed on ‘Academic Support’. What does this mean?

Many students find themselves flagged as Academic Support and required to meet with the Counsellor at the beginning of term; this is usually for a number of different reasons.  For example, they may be a mature student or transfer student from another institution.  In this case, we are simply striving to ensure a smooth transition to a new academic environment.  Another reason might be if the student has an IEP or identified learning disorder, physical challenge or even mental health issue.  In this case, we address these challenges and if necessary put together an Academic Accommodation Form to ensure they get the support they need in the classroom.  Finally, if the student has struggled academically or does not have enough High School U’s, they may be required to meet with the Counsellor and their faculty advisor to help them access the appropriate resources on campus.  In all these cases, our goal is to ensure the student not just survives but thrives while here at Heritage.  Of course, a student doesn’t need to be on Support to see the Counsellor about studies – counselling is available to all students that may have challenges or concerns regarding their academics.

A note about student confidentiality:

Heritage is bound by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/90f31 ) to secure student records and keep them confidential. This means that we are not able to release any information that forms part of the record to anyone other than the student. If you contact us with questions about your student and his or her life at Heritage, we will do all that we can to help you. But please be aware that we will need to keep many things private and confidential. We encourage you to speak directly with your student and ask them all about what is happening here at Heritage, and we will be encouraging your student to share with you as well.

Important Contact Information

DJ Mudde, Dean of Student Services – dmudde@heritagecs.edu

Dane and Katie Allen, Residence Directors – dallen@heritagecs.edu, kallen@heritagecs.edu

David Kiff, Director of Finance – dkiff@heritagecs.edu

Kirsha MacLeod-Fitzgerald, OSAP Representative – kfitzgerald@heritagecs.edu

Nancy Wahl, Director of Counselling Services – nwahl@heritagecs.edu

Theresa Beach, Registrar – tbeach@heritagecs.edu