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Religious Studies

Bachelor of Theology – Pastoral Studies

The Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) – Pastoral is a four-year program with a major in Bible and Theology and a minor in pastoral studies. The program is designed to prepare students for the preaching, teaching, and counseling required in pastoral ministry. Graduates from this degree are qualified to enter the Seminary pastoral program. Historically, this has been the preparatory degree for pastors currently serving churches around the world.

EQUIP Life – One Year Certificate of Christian Studies

The Certificate of Christian Studies is designed for those students who want to obtain a full picture of Christian life and ministry before moving on to other pursuits. A deepened understanding of the Bible, a look at how God is working in the world today, practical ministry skills, developing a plan for life, and the ability to study particular areas of interest through electives, are all part of this program.

Certificate of Christian Studies – Distance Learning (DL)

The Certificate of Christian Studies – Distance Learning is a 32 credit hour program designed for students who wish to take courses for interest and who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to attend regular on-campus classes. Students may complete the program requirements entirely through correspondence, or they may complete the courses in a variety of modes (i.e.. on-campus). Distance Learning (DL) courses may transfer into other programs depending on the course requirements of the program. Please note that this certificate is not approved for OSAP funding.
DL courses are offered each term (Fall, Winter and Spring) and it is recommended that students register in only 1-3 courses per term. Programs are frequently reviewed and are subject to change after two years. If a student chooses to take longer than two years to complete the certificate, he or she may be required to complete further course requirements.