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Academic Transfer

One Year Academic Transfer Certificate

The Academic Transfer Certificate is designed for those students intending to move ahead in specialized studies in a university setting but who wish to begin their academic career in a Christian setting that emphasizes personal spiritual growth, strong community and global concern. Most universities have what are called Arts or Humanities courses as part of their core requirements for all programs – including the sciences, business, and other disciplines. This program is designed to maximize transfer to such settings while also providing a Biblical foundation for one’s future studies and life. Students are always advised to contact their potential transfer institution in order to maximize future transfer credit.

Associate of Arts Diploma (2 years)

The Associate of Arts Diploma is a two year foundational program. It has been created to mesh with a wide range of programs at Trinity Western University in order to assist the student to plan for a TWU education. In addition, it is formally recognized by a number of other Christian and provincial institutions and is designed for maximum transferability to a wide range of academic programs. Heritage will assist prospective students in exploring the transfer options of this program to any provincial university. However, please be aware that some provincial universities do not accept the transfer of Bible and Theology courses.