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Summer Courses

Make the most of your time to learn and grow this spring and summer by studying God’s Word with Heritage College & Seminary.

Whether you are looking to continue work on your degree or desire the opportunity to dig deeper into God’s Word this summer—Heritage’s Spring & Summer classes offer you the opportunity to study the Bible and grow in your faith through a variety of courses.

  • Courses are available to take for credit or non-credit.
  • Current students can register on myHeritage. Deadline to register is March 24, 2023.

Full Credit:

For those already enrolled in a degree or certificate program at Heritage or who apply to a program in advance.

Non-Credit (audit, no assignments):

  • We encourage you to take the opportunity to continue to learn and grow in your faith at Heritage by taking a non-credit course.
  • Non-credit courses are not graded and do not count toward a Heritage degree; no assignments or exams.
  • Go to DiscoverHeritage.ca/APPLY and click “Audit a Course”.

Heritage College Students:

  • College students will be able to find available Spring and Summer 2023 courses and register on myHeritage.

2023 Spring & Summer Schedule

To discover the classes, we are offering over the Spring and Summer at Heritage, click the link below for the printable version or browse the classes on this page.

2023 Heritage College & Seminary Spring & Summer Schedule

Course Descriptions

Biblical Spirituality for a 'Spiritual' World

Dr. Stephen YuilleOn Campus Module
Saturdays: 9am- 5pmJune 16th-17th & June 23rd-24thFridays: 1pm-8pmClassroom: 201

According to Alister McGrath, “spirituality is the outworking in real life of a person’s religious faith” - what we do with what we believe. Clearly, if the framework by which we understand Christian spirituality is unbiblical, then our conclusions regarding Christian spirituality will be unbiblical. That said, the purpose of this course is to study the biblical foundations of Christian spirituality. In so doing, we will avail ourselves of our rich evangelical heritage (Patristic, Medieval, Reformed, & Puritan) to inform our pursuit and practice of biblical spirituality.

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SPF512-1 (Seminary)


Islam: Faith & Culture

Dr. Amal GendiHybrid (Live Stream)
Monday- Friday: 8:30 am- 4:30 pmMay 8th-12thClassroom: May 8th-May 11th Room 202Classroom: May 12th Room: 203

This course seeks to introduce the major religious and cultural dimensions of the Islamic world, both those that express its diversity and those that express its continuity. No previous work is presupposed. Emphasis will be given to the development of classical Islamic institutions and ideas as well as the diverse forms of Islamic religious and cultural life.

The course has three major purposes:
1. to provide students with a better and deeper understanding of the importance of the Islamic past upon the Islamic world today,
2. to reveal contemporary Muslims' own self-understanding of their system(s) of religious faith and practices,
3. to develop tools for dialogue and faith communication with Muslims.

While it is not a history course, anyone taking it should come away with a basic grasp of the larger historical framework within which Islamic civilization has developed. Moreover, students will learn from Canadian Muslims themselves what it means to be a religious Muslim.

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ICS615-1 (Seminary)


Life & Thought of C.S. Lewis

Dr. Steve WestOn Campus Module
May 12th & June 16thFridays: 1pm- 8pmClassroom: 202

C. S. Lewis has never been more frequently read or cited than he is today. He is widely recognized as one of the most influential Christian writers and thinkers of the last one hundred years. This course is designed to introduce students to Lewis’s thinking and writing. Students will focus on
reading and evaluating a selection of Lewis’s most important works. Classes will be devoted to exploring and analysing his thought, making it possible to appreciate more deeply all of his writings.

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THS744-1 (Seminary)


Life & Thought of Jonathan Edwards

Dr. Michael HaykinOn Campus Module
Monday-Friday: 9am- 5 pmJuly 17th-21stClassroom: 102


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THS730-1 (Seminary)


Old Testament in the New Testament

Dr. Ian VaillancourtOn Campus Module
May 19th & June 9thFridays: 1pm- 8pmClassroom: 102

This course investigates the claims of the NT authors as they were reflecting on the OT message. We will investigate their methods of interpreting the OT within the context of early Judaism, the various uses they made of the OT, and the effect of their interpretations. The continuity of Scripture, scholarly viewpoints on the relationship between the testaments, principles for interpreting the NT, and implications for nurturing our faith will be discussed.

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BOT795-1 (Seminary)


Strategic Advance: Church Planting Theology & Praxis

Rev. Tom HainesOn Campus Module
Saturdays: 9am- 5 pmMay 26th-27th & June 16th-17thFridays: 1pm- 8pmClassroom: 204

This course provides an introduction and systematic overview of the process of church planting for the strategic advancement of the church in culture. Included are biblical and theological rationales for church planting as a unique evangelistic and disciple-making strategy, a study of the intersection of missiology and ecclesiology, as well as an introduction to specific tools, methods, and resources needed for the effective planting of new churches.

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PAS663-1 (Seminary)


Typical Problems in Biblical Counselling

Dr. Eamon WilsonOn Campus Module
Saturdays: 9am- 5pmMay 12th-13th & June 9th- 10thFridays: 1pm- 8pmClassroom: 201

This course will involve the conceptualization and counselling methodology for problems typically encountered in Biblical Counseling. Biblical formulations and secular approaches will be compared and contrasted.

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PCS514-1 (Seminary)