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Course Delivery Formats

Heritage College and Seminary offers a variety of delivery formats to help accommodate the needs of students.

On Campus

Traditional on-campus, in-class delivery format.  Students can study full time at Heritage as classes are available throughout the week. Daytime & evening classes are available.


Heritage offers modular courses in the Fall and Winter terms. Modular courses involved a one week (5 days) in-class full-day course, with additional assignments and coursework completed outside of the class time.


Multi-modals courses are the newest course format offered at Heritage. With multi-modal classes, students only need to be on campus twice during each semester (Friday or Saturday), with the remainder of the coursework being completed through web-based lectures and online discussions. Multi-modal courses allow part-time students to take 2 courses by only attending classes on 2 weekends during the term.


Our mission is to provide students with excellent educational opportunities through access to high quality distance learning courses. Online courses are designed for students who, for a variety of reasons, are not able to attend regular on-campus classes. Using the power of the web, we are able to expand our offerings by enriching the lives of a greater number of students while enhancing availability of courses to our present student body.

Heritage offers a wide variety of courses which students can take online via the web. Students may begin online courses at three intervals during the year and must complete them within the allotted four-month time period:
1. September 15th
2. January 15th
3. May 15th

Online courses are delivered either through myHeritage or Moodle.

Live Streaming

Live classes are published by way of a connected classroom with one or more individuals or rooms connecting digitally.  It is always our intent that remote students are able to interact with the professor and other students in the classroom.  Students connect to the classroom via our video conferencing platforms using a webcam and microphone.  Like online classes, this delivery method provides flexibility for students to take courses, live, from their own homes.