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The Heritage English Language Program

Speak English and Seek Life Together at Heritage College

Desire Practice in speaking English?

Need English skills for Life, College, or Business?

We offer three levels for learning English through Heritage College.

English Conversation Classes – ESL 101

In our Conversation Classes, students practice speaking and listening to English.  Classes are offered on Zoom and in person in friendly, guided conversation circles.

Taught by Dr. Linda Reed with Heritage College students with TESOL training.

Apply here to apply for an English conversation group.

English Reading and Writing Skills – ESL 201 OR English Skills for Life ESL 201

In this second level, students still participate in the conversation classes, but also submit writing or speaking assignments for feedback.

Taught by Dr. Linda Reed with Heritage College students with TESOL training.

Apply here to apply for a non-credit English class at Heritage College.

For more information on this class, please contact Theresa Beach, Registrar, at tbeach@heritagecs.edu.

English for Academic Success – EAS301

Are you a Christian desiring to enroll at Heritage College?  This academic course will assist your English for academic writing and research.

This course offered as in the winter or summer semester prior to fall.

English for Academic Success – EAS401

Already enrolled at Heritage as an academic student but need academic support?   Please contact Theresa Beach tbeach@heritagecs.edu,  Linda Reed, lreed@heritagecs.edu or the Learning Centre for personal tutoring and support.

This course is provided to enrolled Heritage students.

Teaching English as a Second Language 

Heritage also offers an academic course to become a Teacher of English as a Second Language (TESOL). To register for this fall academic course, DiscoverHeritage.ca/Apply.

For further inquiries contact Dr. Linda Reed at lreed@heritagecs.edu

Learn about Safety Protocols, Course Delivery, Schedules, and more at DiscoverHeritage.ca/Fall2020More info