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Mission Statement

Heritage College & Seminary exists to glorify God by partnering with churches in providing a biblically-based education equipping people for life and ministry in the church and in the world.

College Statements


The mission of Heritage College is to provide evangelical, faith-based, university-level education to equip students for life and service in the church, community, and the world.

Philosophy of Education

Our philosophy of education is based upon the conviction that faith and knowledge are not mutually exclusive spheres. The pursuit of truth in all fields is the pursuit of knowledge that has been established by the God of creation.

We believe that God through Jesus Christ has revealed himself in this world and, more specifically, in the written revelation of the Bible which is our final authority in matters of faith and practice. The search for truth is thus not restricted to the Bible, but is guided and bounded by an understanding of humanity as a created race that is fallen and in need of redemptive transformation. The Bible provides the integrating factor for life and a worldview that enables individuals to make sense of their knowledge and experiences.

Our educational curriculum is designed to nurture the whole person and thus encompasses studies in the humanities and liberal arts, Bible and theology, and professional studies. We view learning as the cooperative process of faculty guidance and student self-directed study applied both in the classroom and in the crucible of life. Knowledge gained should be knowledge applied and thus students are encouraged and taught to begin using their lives for service and ministry to others.

We believe that each individual lives in community and has been created to live in community. We share responsibility to and for each other. Heritage is a learning and life community based not upon hierarchy but upon mutual commitment, respect, and commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

A Heritage education is designed to be a holistic education in which the student is assisted to develop spiritually, physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally, culturally, professionally, and aesthetically.

Seminary Statements


The mission of Heritage Theological Seminary is to equip people for biblically and theologically grounded leadership and ministry to serve the mission of Christ and his church through their involvement in evangelical churches, denominations, mission agencies, and para-church ministries.

Vision Statement

Our focus is on seeing Heritage Seminary become a leader in global church leadership development providing a flexible educational experience to a diverse student body who will serve the church around the world.

  • Our student body will be culturally and ethnically diverse, preparing for a variety of Christian ministries.
  • Our curriculum will be focused on the development of servant leaders for both church and parachurch ministries.
  • Our educational delivery system will be diverse and flexible.
  • Our faculty will be recognized by the broader evangelical community for their scholarship in service of ministry.
  • Our graduates will be spiritually mature, theologically reflective, and effective in teaching and leading churches, denominations, and parachurch ministries.
  • Our partnerships with like-minded organizations will be diverse and strategic opportunities for student learning and for research in support of our partners.
  • Our ethos will be global as we attempt to contribute to the worldwide mission of the church.

Core Values

Spiritual Formation
We will model, teach, and facilitate a growing personal relationship with the triune God.

Centrality of the Bible
We will integrate knowledge of biblical content, understanding the storyline of Scripture, and use of the biblical languages to enable faithful communication of the written word of God.

Revealed Truth
We seek to grow in our understanding of the unchanging truth revealed in Scripture, to defend it against its critics, and to communicate it effectively in changing contexts.

Leadership Development
We recognize the importance of leaders in the mission of God in the world, and we will provide opportunities for the practice of leadership and for theological reflection on the task.

Great Commission Orientation
We will contribute our abilities and resources in support of Jesus Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations.

Vocational Specializations
We recognize that those who aspire to vocational ministry have diverse gifts, and so we seek to provide education to support diverse specializations, as our resources will allow.

Methodological Flexibility
We will provide education in a variety of formats in order to meet the needs of students whose life situations demand such variety.