A Message from the President’s Cabinet

Posted January 4, 2022

As our staff and faculty prepare for the beginning of the winter semester next week, we are looking forward to the start of classes and praying that God would continue to work in and through our college and seminary students this academic year.

Considering the new time-limited guidelines announced on January 3 from the Province of Ontario, the President’s Cabinet of Heritage College & Seminary recently met to establish a plan to begin the winter semester starting January 11, 2022.

Out of a continued desire to foster a positive, safe, and healthy learning experience for our students, staff, and faculty at Heritage, the President’s Cabinet will be moving forward with a plan to welcome our college and seminary students back once again to Heritage this winter.

College Residence will Remain Open

Starting Saturday, January 8, college students living in residence will be welcome to begin moving back to campus. Before moving into their assigned apartment, all residence students will be required to take a rapid antigen test.

College and Seminary Classes will Begin In-Person with Online Option

Starting January 11, most of our college and seminary classes will continue to be delivered in person, with the option for students to join their classes through our livestream, hybrid format.

Faculty members will be reaching out to students over the next couple of days to share their plans for the upcoming semester. If a student has questions surrounding their class, they are encouraged to email their professor to receive guidance and direction.

Campus Operations  

In following the recent measures set out by the Province of Ontario, Heritage will be making changes to our current campus operations and protocols for the beginning of the winter semester.

Further details will be released in the coming days surrounding on-campus protocols, though some initial changes will include the following:

  • The Gymnasium and Fitness Centre located in The Heritage Community Centre will be closed.
  • The Cafeteria will shift to take-out or pick-up to support students.
  • Reduced group capacities will be implemented in The Heritage Community Centre.

Please continue to stay updated on DiscoverHeritage.ca/Winter2022 for a more detailed plan surrounding on-campus protocols at Heritage for the winter semester.

Cases of COVID-19 at Heritage

Posted January 11, 2022

Heritage has received notification of two positive cases of COVID-19 involving students living in one campus residence.

Upon learning of the positive results by way of rapid antigen test, both students are currently in quarantine following Provincial guidelines along with their respective dormmates. All close contacts of both students have been notified by either the students or the Heritage staff and are following Provincial guidelines for monitoring symptoms or quarantining. Food services and are being provided for students in quarantine and they will be accessing classes online for the duration of their quarantine.

The campus will continue to remain open for in-class instruction and campus operations during this time.

If you are a college or seminary student at Heritage, please remember that you have the option to participate in either in-person or online, hybrid learning during the winter semester. If you are feeling unwell, we would ask that you please stay home, contact your professors by email, and attend your classes online by livestream.

Staff and faculty are welcome to work from home remotely or livestream class content for the wellbeing of yourself and your family. Please contact your supervisor as soon as possible to arrange to work from home or off-campus.

Baiyu Andrew Song Joins College Core Faculty as Assistant Professor and Director of General Education Studies

As Baiyu Andrew Song begins his new role as Assistant Professor and Director of General Education Studies at Heritage College, he explains that he sees this as the start of a tremendous opportunity to form life-changing friendships with his colleagues and students while contributing to the meaningful mission of the school.

“As the mission of Heritage College is to provide an evangelical, faith-based, university-level education to equip students for life and service in the church, community, and the world, I believe Heritage College is the place where I can train the future generation of Christians in Canada, for the greater glory of God,” says Prof. Song.

Song brings a combined passion for both education and the local church that Dr. J. Stephen Yuille, Vice President of Academics and Dean of Seminary, believes will be a welcome addition to our faculty and will serve current and future students of Heritage well.

“His rigorous academic training, resolute church commitment, and unique life experience will strengthen our institution and prove to be a tremendous blessing to our students,” says Dr. Yuille.

Currently, Song is in the process of finishing his PhD dissertation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky looking at the ecclesial spirituality of late eighteenth-century English Baptist minister Joseph Kinghorn. Before his doctoral studies, Song studied at Toronto Baptist Seminary for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Alongside his work at Heritage, Song works as a volunteer editor for The Gospel Coalition Canada and an editorial board member of The Gospel Coalition Chinese. He has also gained significant academic experience serving as an adjunct lecturer at Redeemer University and the Chinese campus of Toronto Baptist Seminary. Song is also a fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland and an early career member of the Royal Historical Society.

Since 2014, Song has also worked with The Andrew Fuller Centre for Baptist Studies alongside the Centre’s Director and Heritage Theological Seminary’s Professor of Church History, Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin. As he continues to serve in the role of Research Associate and Teaching Fellow, Song says that he has had the blessing of both learning and working with Dr. Haykin as well as observing the life and learning of someone he describes as a mature Christian scholar and a model he aspires to follow as a teacher and follower of Christ.

“For decades, Prof. Haykin has dedicated his time to mentoring students and developing Christian friendships. Furthermore, he has a praying heart for lost souls,” says Song. “For me, he is a global historian by default. As a model, I wish my students will also know me as a Christian historian of love and humility.”

As Director of General Education Studies, Song will have the unique opportunity to now teach college students a variety of topics from critical thinking to anthropology to history. Though he has been trained primarily as a Christian historian, Song sees that interdisciplinarity has also been a major feature of his academic career and, as a result, to have the opportunity to teach a variety of fields and disciplines is both challenging and enriching.

“For me, being a professor is not merely a job; instead, it is a commitment to a lifestyle––to glorify and experience God through a life of learning,” explains Song. “Thus, Heritage College provides me with an opportunity to continue exploring God’s revealed mystery with my Christian brothers and sisters.”

Heritage for Canada & the Nations – Update for January 2022

As we launch into 2022, it is a privilege to share an update with you regarding our “Heritage for Canada and the Nations” capital campaign. We praise God for His clear leading as we move forward with the new seminary building and the other projects that are part of the campaign.

Our Design Committee continues to work collaboratively with A+ Link (our architectural firm), to design and ultimately see the new home for Heritage Theological Seminary become a reality. We are currently waiting to obtain Site Plan approval from the City of Cambridge. This should come any day now. Geological drilling has been completed and in the next few days our committee will be meeting with the electrical and mechanical consultants, which is an exciting next step as we continue the journey of design. We are thankful to have a unified team that works well together and strives to design a building that will serve Heritage well for many years.

We also praise God for His ongoing provision for the campaign. To date, $11,859,154 of the $14,000,000 goal has been pledged and/or donated. Heritage is so thankful for so many generous donors and we are praying that many other individuals and churches will begin to support the campaign between now and December 2023.

Please join us in praying for:

  • Approvals by the City of Cambridge.
  • God’s provision of the remaining funds.
  • The President’s building advisory committee.
  • Dave Switzer (Building design and facility manager).
  • Darryl Brush (Project manager).
  • Wisdom in making decisions related to the new building.
  • Our capital campaign committee.
  • Reed, our faculty, and our staff, as we launch into the winter semester.

If you have any questions related to our capital campaign, do not hesitate to contact us at heritageforcanada@heritagecs.edu.

To learn more about Heritage for Canada & the Nations, please visit heritageforcanada.ca.

Heritage Announces New Undergraduate Programs Beginning Fall 2022

With the new year comes new opportunities for students to learn and grow at Heritage.

Heritage is excited to announce several new college programs that are focused on equipping students for life and ministry. Ranging from four-year degree programs to one-to-two-year diploma and certificate programs – we are excited to see how God will use the students in these programs to grow students in their faith to send them out to live on mission for Christ.

Biblical Counselling at Heritage

Starting in September, Heritage will launch a new biblical counselling program, which provides foundational training for those interested in ministering to the different needs that arise in the context of the church and community.

Central to the program is the application of Scripture to various family dynamics, emotional issues, and life challenges. Students will acquire the necessary skills for ministering effectively to the needs of others while growing in Christ-like character.

Students have the option of choosing between a Bachelor of Religious Education or a Bachelor of Theology in biblical counselling.

More Ways to Study Music

Heritage has developed a new two-year Diploma in Worship Studies for the man or woman who wishes to grow as a Christian, develop as a musician, and mature as a worship leader. This diploma provides courses to enable students to become skilled in their chosen instrument, and opportunities for hands-on experience leading teams on campus under the guidance of skilled mentors, in a safe, nurturing community.  Classes in such topics as song writing, contemporary music, and sound engineering are also part of the program.

While the Bachelor of Church Music offers a major in music/worship and Bible/theology, Heritage also offers a three-year Bachelor of Religious Education degree with a minor in music. This program is designed for students who primarily want to study the Bible and theology while still providing a minor concentration in the areas of music and worship.

The SERVE.experience Returns in Fall 2022

Heritage is excited to re-launch our popular SERVE.experience discipleship program. This nine-month program is designed to foster personal, spiritual, and relational growth and prepare students to serve God and others in this world. Students will be equipped for cross-cultural service throughout the year through a combination of academic studies, retreats, service opportunities, and cultural experiences, finishing their studies with a cross-cultural ministry trip to Quebec.

Apply Today to Study at Heritage this Fall

Registration is now open for all our college and seminary courses starting this September. Whether you are looking to take a one-year certificate or a four-year degree, we are excited to welcome new students this Fall to begin their studies with us at Heritage.

To learn more about these new programs and our other undergraduate and graduate programs, please visit DiscoverHeritage.ca/Academics.

To start your application for the Fall 2022 semester, please visit DiscoverHeritage.ca/Apply.

A Framework for the Fall Semester at Heritage

Updated September 2, 2021

Welcome to Heritage this September!

We are excited to see our college and seminary students on campus this Fall and are looking forward to seeing how God will work in and through the Heritage community this academic year.

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 changes, we have been working diligently to come up with a framework for the Fall Semester that will provide a safe and supportive learning environment for the students, staff, and faculty of Heritage.

Out of this desire to foster a positive learning experience for all our students on-campus, Heritage has established the following framework for the upcoming semester.

Vaccines at Heritage College & Seminary

In response to the latest requirements established for all post-secondary institutions in Ontario by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, Heritage College & Seminary will be moving forward with a campus-wide COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

As of September 7, 2021, the policy will require that all College and Seminary students, staff, and faculty at Heritage College & Seminary personally attest to or provide official Provincially approved proof of whether they have:

  • Received a full vaccination against COVID-19;
  • Have not received the COVID-19 vaccine;
  • Have an approved medical reason for not being vaccinated against COVID-19; or
  • Wish not to disclose their vaccination status.

Students, faculty, and staff at Heritage who disclose that they are not vaccinated, wish to not disclose their vaccination status, or have received a medical reason for not being vaccinated against COVID-19 will still be able to live and study on campus, but will have to:

  • Submit to taking regular antigen point of care testing for COVID-19 at least once every seven days and provide weekly verification of test results.
  • Participate in a COVID-19 Vaccination Information Session provided by Heritage.

For more details, click here.

Classes will be Held On-Campus This Fall

Starting in September, Heritage will have classes offered on-campus and in person while following all active public health guidelines for our region and in the province.

  • Classes on campus will be offered for both Heritage College and Heritage Theological Seminary students.
  • All the classrooms at Heritage will be outfitted this Fall to offer a new hybrid, livestream options for our in-person classes. Students will be able to connect with live classes as they happen, while being able to engage with the professors and students during the class.
  • Eating in classrooms will continue to be prohibited to students.
  • All students will be required to wear appropriate face masks while participating in a class.

Masks Are Required on Campus

Following the requirements of the Province and our Regional officials, Heritage will continue to require all students, staff, and faculty to wear appropriate face masks while in common use indoor spaces.

All members of the Heritage community are required to wear masks while inside both the Academic Building and the Heritage Community Centre.

Students living in residence will be required to wear masks when inside the buildings while in the hallways, laundry room, common rooms during gatherings, and other common areas. Masks can be removed when a student enters their designated apartment.

Members of the Heritage community will not be required to wear masks while outside on campus grounds while practicing physical distancing.

A mask must be always worn inside Heritage buildings, with the following exceptions:

  • When eating or drinking.
  • While working out in the fitness centre or engaging in approved activities in the Gym.
  • When staff and faculty are working within a single-person indoor space like an office.
  • In a personal vehicle by themselves.

Swipe Card Building Access

To maintain the safety of the Heritage community and help facilitate contact tracing on campus, Heritage will continue to require all to use swipe cards to both enter and exit all campus buildings.

Only people with assigned swipe cards will be to have access to buildings during approved hours. All other people requesting entry into buildings during hours of operation will have to ring the doorbell lo­cated at the front doors of the Academic Building and wait for administrative support.

All students, staff, and faculty will receive a scan card. On campus residence students will receive their card when they move in. Off-campus students, staff, and faculty will be required to request a swipe card by emailing the main office at info@heritagecs.edu.

What Swiping My Card Means

Each time you use your swipe card, you are confirming that you completed a personal self-assessment to conclude that you are feeling well and not displaying any of the common symptoms of COVID-19.

All are encouraged to evaluate their health regularly by using Ontario’s COVID-19 Self- Assessment tool at covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment.

Symptoms include:

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Sore throat, trouble swallowing
  • Runny/Stuffy Nose
  • Decrease or loss of taste or smell
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Not feeling well, extreme tiredness, sore muscles.

Off-Campus Student Access to Buildings

All off-campus students enrolled in studies at Heritage are welcome to use the accessible spaces and services offered inside the Academic Building and the Heritage Community Centre during operating hours.

Students who reside off-campus will have to follow the same requirements of students who live on-campus while inside approved buildings including wearing masks and maintaining physical distance.

Off-campus students will also still be able to participate in student activities and events throughout the academic year.

Access to both Residence Buildings will be prohibited to all off-campus students.

Visitors to Heritage

This Fall, Heritage College & Seminary is excited to welcome back guests to our campus grounds.

  • All guests to Heritage will be required to scan a QR Code located at all the main doors of the Heritage Community Centre and Academic Building and fill out a Visitor Screening Assessment Form before entering the buildings.
  • Through this form, all guests will be required to provide their name, date on campus, reason they are visiting, contact information, and complete a questionnaire about their health upon entering campus.
  • Each visitor will also have to acknowledge that they agree to follow all campus protocols while on campus.
  • Visitors on campus will be welcome to connect with the Heritage community in The Heritage Community Centre and Academic Building.
  • Visitors will not be permitted to enter Residence Buildings while on campus.

Student Life

Residence Life

To provide a safe residence experience for our students while fostering a health community on campus, Heritage has established the following guidelines for Residence Life at Heritage.

Gatherings Within Residence Buildings

  • Residence students will be permitted to socialize indoors within their own building – Men in North Hall and Women in South Hall.
  • Guests from other residence buildings will not be permitted.
  • Off-campus students or other guests will also not be permitted to enter residence.
  • Gatherings in residence will be kept in the common living spaces in each room with a capacity of six total people. Each person will be required to wear a mask.
  • Students will be allowed to have one guest at a time visit in their bedroom, provided that the guest is from the residence building and that both people wear masks.

Masks in Residence

Students living in residence will be required to wear masks when they are in commonly used spaces by all students in the building. This includes the hallways, laundry room, common rooms and bedrooms during approved gatherings, and other common areas.

Quarantine Rooms in Residence

For the Fall, both North and South Hall will have one apartment that will be used in the event that it is necessary to isolate students.

Impact Groups

Impact Groups will continue to host their official weekly meetings in designated spaces and rooms located in The Heritage Community Centre and the Academic Building. This will allow Impact Groups to meet in a more spacious environment and welcome off-campus students to participate in person on a weekly basis.


This year, Heritage will continue to host two weekly chapel services. On Tuesdays at 11:30am, All-Institution Chapel will be once again held in the Chapel in The Heritage Community Centre and will welcome college and seminary students, along with staff and faculty to join for worship in-person or on livestream.

On Thursdays at 11:30am, college students will be able to gather for worship in the Chapel located in The Heritage Community Centre. Seminary Chapel will start again and will be hosted in Room 201 in the Academic Building.

Life in The Heritage Community Centre

We are excited to welcome students back to The H this semester to provide a welcoming space for our student community to learn, grow and thrive together.

  • Under the current guidelines, there will be no longer be any capacity limits for the use of the Student Centre and The Bean.
  • As is the case with all indoor spaces on campus, the Heritage community will continue to be required to wear masks while using The H.

Intramurals, Fitness Centre and Gym

  • Team Sports and Intramurals will start again on campus for both on and off campus college and seminary students. Once the Fall Semester begins, a schedule of sports and activities will be released for students to participate in.
  • Student Services will continue to require students, staff, and alumni to register time to use our Fitness Centre for the Fall Semester. To schedule your times to use the facility, please contact Cassie Talabis at ctalabis@heritagecs.edu.


To follow current guidelines established by the Province of Ontario, the Cafeteria will once again be laid out in both the Dining Hall and the Connections Café in order to provide distancing between the tables.

On-Campus Student Travel for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

Last year, Heritage required that students make a special request to take overnight trips off-campus and out of the region over the weekend. Under current provincial guidelines, this requirement will be removed for the academic year.

For more information on the framework for the Fall Semester, please feel free to email the COVID-19 Protocols Committee at covid19@heritagecs.edu.