Heritage Preaching Lectures 2021 Welcomes Darrell Johnson

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Each year, Heritage Theological Seminary invites pastors and ministry leaders to the Heritage Preaching Lectures to take part in the opportunity to learn from recognized, pastoral scholars and grow in their abilities to preach and teach God’s Word to their local congregations.

For this year’s event, Heritage is excited to announce that pastor and scholar Darrell Johnson will be joining us online from British Columbia to be the guest lecturer for the annual Heritage Preaching Lectures being held on Thursday, October 14th.

Once again, the Heritage Preaching Lectures will be broadcasted in churches, homes, and offices across the country as the event will be live streamed online for participants.

Darrell Johnson has been preaching Jesus Christ and His Gospel for over 50 years. He has served a number of Presbyterian congregations in California, Union Church of Manila in the Philippines, and the historic First Baptist Church in the heart of Vancouver, Canada. He has taught preaching for Fuller Theological Seminary, Carey Theological College in Vancouver, and Regent College in Vancouver. He has authored eight books, including The Glory of Preaching and Discipleship on the Edge: An Expository Journey Through Revelation.

He is currently serving as Scholar-in-Residence for The Way Church and Canadian Church Leaders Network, and still serves Regent College part-time as Teaching Fellow.

Dr. Rick Reed, President of Heritage College & Seminary, says that he is looking forward to the opportunity to learn from Johnson at this year’s Heritage Preaching Lectures. He says that Dr. Johnson’s book The Glory of Preaching is one of the most helpful preaching texts he has ever read and, as a result, encourages preachers of God’s Word to join this special online event.

“Dr. Johnson combines practical sermon advice with a biblically-rich theology of preaching,” says Dr. Reed. “If you want to be stretched and strengthened as a preacher, carve out the time to join us for this year’s Heritage Preaching Lectures.”

Dr. Barry Howson, Dean of Seminary at Heritage, sees Johnson’s experience as a preacher, in particular serving as a pastor within a Canadian context, makes the chance to learn from him that much more important for pastors today.

“We need to hear from men like him so that we can grow in our preaching of the word which is so necessary for the well-being of the church,” says Dr. Howson. “He understands our cultural context, and therefore, how to preach the Word in it and to it.”

To learn more about this year’s Heritage Preaching Lectures and to register for this online event, please visit DiscoverHeritage.ca/HPL.

Andrew Fuller Centre for Baptist Studies Annual Lecture

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You are invited to join us online for the annual Andrew Fuller Centre for Baptist Studies Lecture on Friday, October 29th starting at 7:30pm.

This year, Dr. Gordon L. Heath, Professor of Christian History at McMaster Divinity School, will be delivering a lecture entitled, Queen Victoria and General Gordon: Heroes in the Age of Empires.

Take part in this special live stream lecture event and participate in a special question and answer period that will take place after Dr. Heath’s presentation.

Event Details

Date: Friday, October 29, 2021

Start Time: 7:30pm

Admission is Free

Lecture Topic: Queen Victoria and General Gordon: Heroes in the Age of Empires

Two of the larger-than-life figures within the British empire’s late-nineteenth century panoply of heroes were Major-General Charles George Gordon (1833-1885), often referred to as Chinese Gordon for his involvement in suppressing a rebellion in China, and Queen Victoria (1819-1901), who reigned from 1837 to her death in 1901.

Upon his death General Gordon was described as “the nearest approach to that one Man, Christ Jesus, of any man that ever lived.” Vying for accolades of divinity was Queen Victoria. Upon her death it was stated “were we in the habit of deifying monarchs, we would not, in Queen Victoria, have the worst example of history for such exaltation.”

Both Gordon and Queen Victoria were heroic figures in the age of empires, a period coinciding with the New Imperialism, and it is that link with empire that is the focus of this research. More specifically, what role did those two heroes play in the imagination and discourse of Baptists living in the age of empires? The focus is on Baptists within the empire – with special attention to Canada.

About Dr. Gordon L. Heath

 Dr. Gordon L. Heath currently serves as Professor of Christian History at McMaster Divinity College and is also the Centenary Chair in World Christianity and the Director of Canadian Baptist Archives.


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A Message from President Dr. Rick Reed

As I write this note, the Heritage campus is quiet.  Thankfully, that’s about to change.

On Labour Day, September 6th, we will welcome the new and returning college students moving into our residence halls.  I’m looking forward to meeting these new students and their families as they arrive on campus.  I’m also anticipating the Service of Dedication we will hold outdoors on Monday afternoon; it will be a time to commit ourselves to the Lord for the new school year.

I understand this new school year comes with many COVID complications.  I also realize Christians differ on how to best respond to the regulations issued by our government and public health officials.

At Heritage College and Seminary, our desire is to lead with love and act with integrity.  We are seeking to obey the biblical command to “be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people” (Titus 3:1-2).  At the same time, we are seeking to respect the different viewpoints and convictions held by Christians (Romans 14:1-23).  It’s our desire to treat one another “in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:2-3).

Our deep desire is to make this year about Christ rather than COVID.  We want to elevate the unity we have in Christ Jesus above the secondary matters that can divide us. We want our campus to be a safe and healthy place, both physically and spiritually.

To this end, Heritage will follow the new regulations issued this week for all post-secondary schools.  While vaccine passports are not required to attend Heritage, students who are not vaccinated or who choose not to disclose this information, will need to take rapid antigen tests provided on campus.  We will endeavour to make the process as easy and private as possible.  If you have concerns, please know that our team will listen to them and respond in a way that speaks the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15).

I would ask you to join our faculty, staff, and student leaders in praying for a year of great spiritual growth and ministry preparation.  More than ever, we need to raise up godly spiritual leaders for Christ, His Church and His global mission.


Dr. Rick Reed