Celebrate Online Graduation 2020 Today

To watch today’s Online Graduation 2020 at 10:30am – Click Here 

Graduates from the class of 2020 will join together online from their homes with their family and friends this Saturday – September 26 – to celebrate their accomplishments at this year’s Online Graduation 2020.

To acknowledge the hard work and growth of graduates of the college and seminary, Heritage will be premiering a special video graduation ceremony on the school’s YouTube channel. Students will be able to use the live chat to congratulate one another and watch with other members of the Heritage community.

To honour the graduates, members of the faculty of Heritage College & Seminary have shared a number of congratulatory messages to the graduates and prayers for their future as they now enter the world as Heritage graduates. The ceremony will also include messages from our Valedictorian, Jack Scott Award winner, and a Graduation Address from President Dr. Rick Reed.

To watch this special presentation, join us Saturday, September 26 at 10:30am at YouTube.com/heritagecs.

Recognizing Christian Character and Leadership

Each year, before graduation, Heritage College & Seminary takes the time to recognize the godly character and academic achievement of both returning and graduating students. The Character Awards at Heritage acknowledge a number of college and seminary students for their leadership, character, and commitment to student life at the school.

Each of these students have been nominated and selected for these various awards by members of the Heritage community – the staff, faculty, and student leadership.

Before tomorrow’s Online Graduation 2020, Heritage would like to announce the winners of this year’s Character Awards:

  • The Marvin Brubacher Citizenship Awards: given to non-graduating students who have been actively involved in student life at Heritage and have exhibited godly character. These students have been nominated and voted on by the student leadership, staff and faculty of Heritage.
    • Awarded to: Mikhaela Trojek and Nadime Ayoub.
  • Delta Epsilon Chi, the Honour Society of the Association of Biblical Higher Education: nominated by the faculty of Heritage College, for academic achievement, Christian character and leadership.
    • Awarded to: Hannah Desroches, Miranda King, Phil Miller, and Daniel Popma.
  • & Mrs. Alex McCready Award: nominated to a returning student entering their final year, who exhibits godly character and academic achievement.
    • Awarded to: Jacob Tomc.

Join us for Online Graduation 2020 on Saturday, September 26th at 10:30am for the premiere of the ceremony at YouTube.com/heritagecs.

Congratulations to This Year’s Pastoral Ministry Award Recipients

At the core of Heritage’s Pastoral Studies programs is a conviction to equip pastors who are prepared to shepherd the church with hearts that love, obey, and teach God’s Word. Each year, we recognize students from both the college and the seminary who both demonstrate a commitment to the ministry of pastoral care and serve the church for the glory of God.

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Pastoral Awards at Heritage College & Seminary:

  • Lehman Strauss Expository Preaching & Teaching Award: for outstanding work in the college Homiletics program.
    • Awarded to: Phil Miller.
  • College Pastoral Ministry Award: a student who shows significant gifts for and commitment to a ministry of pastoral care.
    • Awarded to: Joshua McCallum.
  • Jack H. Watt Pastoral Ministry Award: a seminary student who show significant gifts for and commitment to a ministry of pastoral Care.
    • Awarded to: Josh Brake.
  • Heritage Seminary Preaching Award: for outstanding work in the seminary Homiletics program.
    • Awarded to: Nathan Weber.
  • The Steve Baxter Pastoral Leadership Award: a returning seminary student pursuing or engaged in vocational pastoral ministry and who demonstrates exceptional servant leadership.
    • Awarded to: David Carter.

Join us for Online Graduation 2020 on Saturday, September 26th at 10:30am for the premiere of the ceremony at YouTube.com/heritagecs.

Celebrating This Year’s Missions and Evangelism Awards

One of the main purposes of Heritage College & Seminary is to prepare and equip its students for a life on mission for Jesus. It is for this reason that Heritage celebrates the graduating students who have displayed a heart for sharing the love of Christ locally and globally, while encouraging their peers to also engage in God’s mission in the world.

As a part of our celebrations for Online Graduation 2020, we are announcing this year’s winners of the missions and evangelism awards.

Congratulations to this year’s winners:

  • The ABWE Missions Award: a student who has a heart for and practical experience in cross-cultural missions, and who has consistently and enthusiastically encouraged other students to engage in God’s mission in the world.
    • Awarded to: Cassandra Blundell.
  • Norman W. Pipe Evangelism Award: a student who exhibits a contagious Christian lifestyle, passionately sharing the love of Christ and the message of the Gospel through words and deeds.
    • Awarded to: Isaiah Bennett.
  • The Craig Simmons Missions Award: a student who transcends the boundaries of culture and comfort in seeking to reach the world for Christ.
    • Awarded to: Austin Fitch.

Join us for Online Graduation 2020 on Saturday, September 26th at 10:30am for the premiere of the ceremony at YouTube.com/heritagecs.

Andrew Fuller Centre for Baptist Studies Annual Lecture

The Andrew Fuller Centre for Baptist Studies will be hosting its second annual lecture on October 30th from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. This year, the lecture will be held online.

Admission to the lecture will be free of charge. Scroll to the bottom of the page to register today.

The Andrew Fuller Centre will be welcoming Dr. Carolyn Weber to be this year’s guest lecturer. Learn more about her lecture below:

The Great Divorce and The Even Greater Marriage: C.S. Lewis and the Bright Lady

How are longing, desire, love and joy indicative of the redemptive relationship for which we were eternally made? With careful attention paid to C. S. Lewis’ work The Great Divorce, Carolyn Weber examines the unbearable beauty of grace within the holy ordering of our loves.

About Dr. Carolyn Weber

An award-winning author, popular professor and international speaker, Dr. Carolyn Weber holds her B.A. Hon. from Huron University College, Canada and her M.Phil. and D.Phil. from Oxford University, England. Her book Surprised by Oxford (Thomas Nelson/Harper Collins) received the Grace Irwin Award, the largest award for Christian writing in Canada. Holy is the Day (InterVarsity Press) was also nominated and received the Christian Living category award. Her newest book Sex and the City of God: A Memoir of Love and Longing (InterVarsity Press) examines another way of being in relationship to this world. She currently resides in a Canadian farmhouse with her husband, four spirited children, and grandma, along with their animal menagerie.

Watch this year’s lecture with Dr. Carolyn Weber now on our YouTube channel:

Announcing the 2020 Proficiency Award Winners

Each year, Heritage College & Seminary acknowledges the academic achievements of students in both the college and seminary who have achieved the highest AGPA over the course of an academic year. As we approach Online Graduation 2020, it is time to announce the winners of the 2020 proficiency awards as a part of our celebration of all the graduates.

Congratulations to the winners of these awards from the class of 2020:

  • College Certificate Program Academic Proficiency Award – awarded to: Kate Foster.
  • College Pittaway Award for First Year (Degree) Academic Proficiency Award – awarded to: Ethan Skinner.
  • College Second Year Academic Proficiency Award – awarded to: James Hutton.
  • College W. Doug Morrison Award for Third Year Academic Proficiency – awarded to: Jordan VanAmerongen.
  • College Fourth Year Academic Proficiency Award – awarded to: Joehelen Ravelo.
  • Seminary Pittaway Award for Non-Graduating Academic Proficiency – awarded to: Parker Arnold.
  • Seminary Graduating Academic Proficiency Award – awarded to: Peter Brejcha and Thomas Fisher.

Join us for Online Graduation 2020 on Saturday, September 26th at 10:30am for the premiere of the ceremony at YouTube.com/heritagecs.

Introducing the Rick Reed Sermon Podcast

Today, Heritage College & Seminary is excited to officially launch The Rick Reed Sermon Podcast. This new project will be dedicated to sharing sermons from President Dr. Rick Reed’s preaching ministry in churches, conference, and at chapel services at Heritage.

Starting today, you can tune in begin listening to first sermon in Dr. Reed’s series on 2 Timothy, Becoming a Courageous Christian. For the next 10 days, you will be able to hear more sermons released each day. Plus, visit DiscoverHeritage.ca/Podcasts to download a free study guide for the series.

After this series is released, listeners will be able to enjoy sermons from Dr. Reed every Monday.

Listeners will be able to tune in to The Rick Reed Sermon Podcast on Spotify, Apple, and from our podcast page at DiscoverHeritage.ca/Podcasts.

Also, learn more about Dr. Reed’s new video course, Noticeably Better Preaching, at DiscoverHeritage.ca/nbp.

Telling the Story of The Fellowship in Canada

For Jordan Senécal, the study of church history has grabbed his heart in recent years. Over his time studying at Heritage Theological Seminary, he has come to appreciate and value the many stories of how God has been at work in his people and in the world.

Now, Senécal has the opportunity to be a part of telling one of those stories in the history of the Church in Canada.

Working with Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin, Professor of Church History at Heritage Theological Seminary, Senécal will be serving as a research assistant on a project that will recount the story of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada to mark the denomination’s upcoming 70th anniversary in 2023. This work will be a revision and expansion of the 2003 publication, A Glorious Fellowship of Churches, edited by Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin and Robert B. Lockey.

“I am looking forward to uncovering all that God has done through the Fellowship over the past 70 years, not only in Canada but internationally,” says Senécal. “I am especially looking forward to hearing the remarkable stories of God’s grace in the lives of his people.”

He says that, Lord willing, this project will see him travelling across Canada in order to visit different districts and institutions connected with the Fellowship in order to tell the history of this denomination starting with the Particular Baptists in England in the 17th Century and following the storyline through the Fellowship up to the present day.

As he begins to undertake this extensive project, Senécal has the understanding of just how important chronicling the history of the Fellowship is. He explains that it is not only valuable as a contribution to Canadian history in general, but it is especially beneficial for the Fellowship and other churches in Canada to look back into their history to be encouraged and learn as they carry the blazing torch of the gospel today and into the future.

“I think that by knowing our history, we can learn not only how God worked in the past, but also see the struggles and, in some cases, pitfalls of our forebears and learn from them today,” he explains. “Knowing our story helps us to understand, appreciate, and maintain our identity while at the same time seeking to work with other believers in bringing the gospel to the nations.”

Since his conversion at nineteen, Senécal says that he has had the sense that his place in the world would be in Christian scholarship. Since beginning his studies at Heritage, he says that he has not only been gripped by the study of church history but has also had the opportunity to gain a broad perspective on the past 2000 years of God’s work in the world through a diversity of history courses.

However, what has stood out prominently from his time at Heritage has been the opportunity to receive valuable mentorship from the professors at the Seminary, especially Dr. Haykin.

“He has become a great source of encouragement to me and has been investing in me and my growth both as a Christian and a historian,” says Senécal. “I cannot see how this opportunity would have been possible apart from my being at Heritage.”

Awarding Excellence in Specific Subjects

This September, Heritage College & Seminary will be celebrating the accomplishments of the graduating class of 2020 online leading up to our Online Graduation 2020 ceremony.

Each year, Heritage recognizes the academic accomplishments of college and seminary students in specific subject areas of study. Each of these students have not only excelled academically while studying at Heritage but have also exhibited outstanding work in each of these subjects while showing godly character.

Congratulations to the following subject award recipients from the class of 2020:

  • Field Education Awards – outstanding work by non-graduating college students in the area of field education this year.
    • Awarded to: Emily Smallegange and Peter Lambert.
  • Gerry Benn Christian Education Award – outstanding work by a graduating college student in the field of Christian Education.
    • Awarded to: Jordan Vanderkooy.
  • Irene Robertson Loveday Christian Education Award – a non-graduating seminary student who shows significant academic ability and involvement in a Christian education ministry.
    • Awarded to: Beverly Boyd.
  • Wilson Banks Music Award – college students who have excelled in the music program, who plan to have a career in music ministry, who have exhibited godly character and demonstrated outstanding effort and academic achievement.
    • Awarded to: Ian and Josh Cushnie.
  • Charles & Olive Tipp Church History Award (seminary) – awarded to: Jordan Senecal.
  • Denzil E. Raymer Old Testament Award (seminary) – awarded to: Kathleen Hill.
  • Gordon Brown New Testament Award (seminary) – awarded to: Braden Slessor.
  • William & Leila Whitcombe Theology Award (seminary) – awarded to: Thomas Fisher.
  • Greek and Hebrew awards, sponsored by Zondervan: these students have excelled in language studies.
    • Awarded to: Scott Hogeveen and Nicolas Crowe in the college & Thomas Fisher in the seminary for Greek.
  • Harold Stainton Hebrew Award: excelling in Hebrew language studies in the seminary.
    • Awarded to: Randy Lieuwen.

Join us for Online Graduation 2020 on Saturday, September 26th at 10:30am for the premiere of the ceremony at YouTube.com/heritagecs.

Heritage Preaching Lectures 2020 Welcomes Ray Ortlund

Join us online for this year’s Heritage Preaching Lectures – register at DiscoverHeritage.ca/HPL.

If there is one thing that many people are seeking in today’s world it is to find the wisdom in order to live well in a broken world. As a result, understanding how to preach and teach the wisdom literature of the Old Testament has become a valuable skill.

Ray Ortlund will be teaching on the topic of preaching Old Testament wisdom literature during this year’s Heritage Preaching Lectures hosted by Heritage Theological Seminary being held on Thursday, October 8th.

This year, the Heritage Preaching Lectures will be broadcasted in churches, homes, and offices as the event will be livestreamed online for participants.

Dr. Ortlund currently serves as the President of Renewal Ministries and has served 28 years in pastoral roles in California, Oregon, Georgia and, most recently, at Immanuel Nashville in Tennessee. He has also taught Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois and serves as a Council Member of The Gospel Coalition.

In addition to numerous essays, Ortlund has also published eight books including his most recent, Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel. He has also served as an Old Testament translator for The New Living Translation and The English Standard Version and contributed the introduction and study notes in the ESV Study Bible to the book of Isaiah.

Dr. Wayne Baxter, Associate Professor of New Testament and Greek at Heritage Theological Seminary, explains that Ortlund’s experience and perspective is valuable in guiding the preachers who will attend this year’s Preaching Lectures to effectively teach wisdom literature.

“As pastors and teachers, we desire to offer our people wisdom from God’s Word. Very often, however, our take on God’s wisdom amounts to little more than simplistic, Christian clichés,” says Dr. Baxter. “As an Old Testament scholar Ray Ortlund understands how Old Testament wisdom works; and as a pastor, he knows how to impart God’s wisdom to his people.”

Though the format of the Preaching Lectures has moved online for this year, the event continues to be focused on helping pastors and ministry leaders by encouraging and equipping them in order to continue serving their churches well.

“Heritage believes that preaching is the primary focus of any pastor’s ministry, “says Dr. Barry Howson, Academic Dean of Heritage Theological Seminary. “Consequently, any help we can receive to improve this task is much appreciated, not only by us who labour in preaching the Word but also the churches we serve.”

To learn more about the Heritage Preaching Lectures and to register for this online event, please visit DiscoverHeritage.ca/HPL.